How to Detect Fraud SEO Companies

Now days with growth of search engines rising. Webmasters feel getting top rated in Google is the ultimate thing. Its spreading like Gold Rush. Everyone wants to get a piece of gold. Looking at this many Search Engine Optimization companies have bubbled up. And the number is increasing as you read this article.
There are lot of companies who provide SEO service without much research. These companies can get you in Google, in one month. But three months down the line you are waiting to be banned. With rising number of SEO companies playing such bad tricks, more and more small business entrepreneurs are becoming pray.

In this article we see the tricks that can ban your site from Google. If your find your SEO consultant is doing these tricks then its time for you to say goodbye, if you don’t search engines will say you good bye.
NEVER USE or encourage others to use these techniques

Guarantied Ranking
No one can guarantee google ranking. If your SEO consultant guarantees you first rank that means he just tricking you. Various search engines like google are using various algorithms to rank pages. These algorithms are constantly updated. It depends on various factors.
No one, I mean no one can guarantee you first rank. Companies can only try to optimize and wait for google to rank it higher. No doubt experts can always do better then novice.

Cloaking is a technique where different content is presented to Search engines and different content to users. This is done by delivering content based on the IP addresses or the User-Agent HTTP header of the user requesting the page. When a user is identified as a search engine spider, a server-side script delivers a different version of the web page, one that contains content not present on the visible page.

Next time someone advices to use Cloaking, just bid a farewell to your SEO adviser.

Link Farms
There are many service providers who promise to help you boost your link popularity by automatically entering you into link exchange programs they operate, often linking your page with Web sites that have nothing to do with your content. Search engines have ways to detect these bad techniqs.

Initially it may benefit your ranking, but its just matter of time before Search Engines detect it and your site is gone. So be aware of SEOs that suggest Link Farming.

Keyword Stuffing.In this technique webmasters try to hide keywords inside page. Like put lots of keywords in white color in white background. Users cant see these words but Search Engine Crawlers can. This is very bad.

Crawlers will crawl your site for some time with good response and then one morning you will wake up and see your site is banned.

Hidden Links
There are fraud SEO companies that put hidden links on your site. These hidden links will point to the sites of your SEO or other clients which has nothing to do with your site. All your hard earned ranking will benefit other sites without your knowledge.
If this is not bad, when search engines detect these your site will be banned. Stay away from such SEO companies.

If you find above techniques used by your SEO adviser then its time for you to change.

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